Digital Gaming Partnerships


The gaming experts behind Jackpot247 are leading the gaming industry in many ways. On top of offering the potential for big winnings and exciting gaming experiences, they are plumbing the depths when it comes to market research and looking at the future of online gaming itself. Their latest efforts are related to exploring the relationship that exists between social gamers and online gambling. With the assistance of the Wall Street Investment House, their research has revealed that there is a line between the games that people play on popular social sites such as Facebook and gambling that occurs through online casinos.

A Small Stepping Stone

However, the research also indicates that this line is becoming increasingly blurred and will be even more so in the future. According to the numbers, more than three times the number of people are engaged in social media games than are playing online casino games. Despite the uneven numbers, the profits that online wagering games are bringing in well exceeds those made possible by social media games. Where the overlap comes in is with the game developers and the name recognition for players that makes it easy to make the transition from social gaming to online gambling.

When Worlds Collide

Zynga and other major game developers are concentrating their efforts across both demographics. Additionally, dedicated gambling organizations are expanding their efforts into social media gaming in order to raise their public exposure and increase profits by small margins. Among the most popular games providing a stepping stone for players are online slots and different forms of poker. Both industries have plenty of things in common. Most organizations believe the merging industries to be inevitable given the increasing use of mobile devices for gaming and the movement of online gambling towards this specific type of platform.