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Casinos are popular with the masses. Even the rich and famous can’t escape the attraction of casino games. Some celebrity or other is always in the news related to casino and casino games. These celebs come from the field of entertainment, sports and even politics. Then there are those celebrities who are more famous than others when it comes to their casino escapades.

Here are a few top celebrity gamblers you might run into in a high-end casino.

Tiger Woods

CelebritiesTiger Woods may be known around the world for his golf talent, but not many might be aware of his love of blackjack. He is known to spend as much as $25000 to $200,000 per hand in blackjack during his casinos visits. He is known to stay in casino hotels so that he can play blackjack with ease.

Michael Jordan

Another celebrity from the field of sports who is addicted to gambling is Michael Jordan. He is known to bet big in poker and craps table. But it has also been reported that he also bet heavily on sports especially golf. It has been rumoured that Michael Jordan was banned from NBA due to his addiction to gambling.

Ben Affleck

The actor was in news this year for being banned from some casinos for counting cards at blackjack. He so much as admitted to it later but fact remains he loves casino games; mainly blackjack but also poker. Ben Affleck is also known for tipping big after his wins on the blackjack tables.